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[印尼日記] 印尼交換生 Prashant 玩生態旅遊

Last weekend (25/11-26/11) I went on a trip with some of my friends to Pingtung/Kenting. Although it was my second time going there but I was surprised to see so many different things which I had never thought of.
Our journey started from Tainan Station, since there are no direct train to Kenting, our tour company has arranged a car for us from Koushiung; Xinzuoying train station. Here we meet our driver(Xiaoqi). She is one fun loving lady. From there she took us to kenting. It took us two and a half hours to reach there, but with the company of friends and good music, it felt like it got over in a flash. 
At first we arrive at Hengchung, where we first visited at Leshan Eco Con. This store sells many local products and I was amazed to see this place as it has many toys, food and Skulls. Not sure if they were original or they have been carved but they definitely picked my Interest. 
Our next stop was a Hike. we had no idea what kind of hike it was, so of us were hesitating to take it, as most of us hasn’t been on a hike before, but at the end every one of us decided to take it. We were told that we would follow the trail that school children used to take it during the Japanese occupation in Taiwan.
At first our Hike doesn’t seem very hard but the more we went into the forest we realized it was not easy for those school children and for us. It took us way longer to finish our Hike, although it was something I really like. Our tour Guide Mr. Chang showed us toys which children use to play with and it will definitely not consider safe in this times. Our tour guide showed us how they use to make traps for birds and small animals. Like shooting needles through a hollow bamboo stick, although we just tried to shoot wet tissues from them. On our whole journey he taught us how hard the life was back in the days and how kids use to set up traps for their meals and how hard it was for them. He also made us rings with leaf and showed us how to call eagles through a leaf whistle then there was pinwheel and other toys too.
After the hike we were really hungry and exhausted. Now it was the time for lunch. Although I wanted to eat some meat at that time but with our surprise, we have been taken to a small restaurant in the hills. My first impression was not so good about this place but when the food arrived I was stunned by the taste of this local cuisine. I will say I wanted to taste some meat but this was even better. It’s called Yu-Lai-Gu,


[俄羅斯日記] 俄羅斯交換生 Sergei 玩生態旅遊

In this report I want to tell you about one of the most exciting weekends that I had in my Taiwan experience. The last weekend of November I travelled to Kenting National Park located in the southern part of Taiwan in Pingtung county. The trip was hosted by a tour company from Hengchun. Overall we spent there two days and participated in many different activities. Our trip was well-organized, highly informative and very enjoyable. I am thankful to my friends who invited me to share this time with me and to organizers to provide us a high level of hospitality.
Here I want to share some details of our Kenting experience.
Since I and my friends are located in Tainan, we had to deal with transportation issues to the very south of the island. We took a train to Kaohsiung (around 30 minutes) and from there the host company offered us a car to go straight to Kenting. The road took us a little bit more than two hours and it passed really fast while we were chatting with my friends and enjoying a nice view of the south coast of Taiwan from the window.

The first stop in Hengchun is the host company’s office - Leshan Eco Con. There they sell many kinds of souvenirs, local food and products. The company’s office looked very nice with a lot of interesting decorations. After looking around we head our way to the first activity of our journey – the hiking trail.

At the meeting point we were told that the trail we are going to follow has its roots back in a day when Taiwan was a part of Japan. This time (about 60 years ago) life was not the same, roads and infrastructure were not that developed. Because of that reason children from Pingtung county had to take this hiking trail to go to school. They also used to hunt animals along the way. My experience help me to know more about history of this place. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize where modern Taiwan came from and how this place looked like many years ago.


[荷蘭日記] 荷蘭交換生Frank 玩生態旅遊

But I will summarize it here first:
Last weekend (25/26 November 2017) some friends and I were taken on a trip around Pingtung, Taiwan. It was awesome except for one extremely unfortunate and quite terrible accident.
During the trip we went hiking, canoeing, tea-leave picking and making tofu. All of these activities were done in conjunction with the real locals, people who normally probably don’t really get many foreign visitors but who were very excited to show us their activities and way of life. It was amazing, and if you ever want to do something similar yourself, do not hesitate to contact Lishan Eco Com (tagged above). Anyway, here comes the whole 2000something word report:
In the weekend of 25&26 November 2017, some friends (one from Ecuador, one from Russia and one from India) and I (from the Netherlands) took a trip to Pingtung, hosted by a tour local tour company from Hengchun. Having been to Pingtung/Kenting 4 times before I thought I probably already saw most of it, but nothing is less true. We had



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